Long Island Utopia Guide

Long Island Utopia Guide

The flamboyant city of the U.S., also famed as the “Big Apple” is none other than New York City. Around the English-speaking world, writers have so much to write about this highly populated state due to its alluring sites. Long Island, NY is one of the most enchanting and sprightly places to visit and stay. … Read more

Great Wall of China: A Fascinating Journey Through History and Engineering Marvels

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the best example of the potential for Chinese ambition and unity. Amazingly, construction on this enormous engineering achievement began as early as the 7th century BC, and it continues to stand as a magnificent architectural achievement. The Great Wall is a collection of buildings totaling around 21,000 km that have been … Read more

Travelling Tips for Chicago warnings Dangers stay Safe


Chicago is the third largest city in th United States and a popular destination for US and other travelers. The main reason for traveling is its culture which has become the center of attraction for tourists but is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in America. Chicago is a safe spot for tourist travel. … Read more