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Gold Coast Girl is a Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle guide. We hope you enjoy your time here! You’ll discover the most recent developments in lifestyle and fashion trends here, as well as pointers on how to give expression to your own personal sense of style. We want to make it possible for women all over the world to connect with one another and talk about the things that interest them, such as the most recent fashion displays on the catwalk or the best kept secrets in Chicago. 

We are here to assist you in locating a look that not only complements your individuality but also serves as a source of fashion inspiration, if that is what you are searching for. Explore our website to learn about the most recent tendencies in fashion and lifestyle, and put your knowledge to use right now!

Gold Coast Girl: The Ultimate Guide to Living the Chic Chicago Lifestyle

Here at Gold Coast Girls, we welcome you to our guide to the trendy Chicago scene.

The architecture, cuisine, and cultural offerings of Chicago are well-known across the world. It might be overwhelming to decide where to begin in this fantastic city, since there is so more to see and do. You may not know much about the fashionable Chicago lifestyle, but with some reading and advice from the Gold Coast Girl, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Chicagoans have no trouble dressing to the nines when it relates to fashion. There’s something for every fashionista in Chic Chicago, from high-end designer labels to thrift store treasures. Take the season and the weather into mind when deciding what to wear; on a hot summer day, you’ll want to dress in light layers, while on a cold winter night, you’ll want to bundle up in a sweater and a hat. Don’t leave home without your accessories. Ensure that you have all the accessories you need, from chic sunglasses to a timeless purse.

There is an abundance of trendy restaurants in Chicago to choose from. Chicago’s restaurant scene has something for everyone, from fine dining establishments serving Michelin-starred food to casual neighborhood joints ideal for a bite to eat with the gang. Take into mind the sort of cuisine you’re craving (such as Italian throughout Rome season or sushi during Sushi Month) before making a reservation. And don’t forget the beverages! From the renowned drinks offered at.

How to Look Like a Rich Girl from the Gold Coast

If you want to appear like a Gold Coast girl, you need to master the fundamentals. Wearing a stylish sundress and sandals is a terrific way to display your coastal pride. Put on a jacket and a gorgeous maxi skirt for a night on the town. Put on some chunky shoes and a loose tank top for a day of lazing around the home. Finally, finish your look with some elegant accessories, such a sleek watch and some delicate earrings. These pointers are going to have you appearing like a fashion plate in no time, whether you’re headed to the beach or the hottest club in town.

Dressing Appropriately for the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a great area to relax in the sun, surf, and eat delicious seafood. But just because it’s a gorgeous location doesn’t mean you have to wear the same old trousers and t-shirt every day.

Here are five suggestions for maintaining your sense of style while experiencing the Gold Coast way of life:

  • Pack only neutral colors in your suitcase. While vivid hues will grab attention on the beach and in the surf, they may not be as adaptable in urban environments. White t-shirts, bikinis, and skirts are great options.
  • Second, remember to pack some extras. When you’re attempting to nail that Instagram image or make a bold entrance at a fancy restaurant, the little things like a purse or a pair of sunglasses may make all the difference.
  • Thirdly, don’t burden yourself with too much baggage. Pack as little as possible, and use services like cabs and UberEats to get about the Gold Coast.
  • Spend money on a sturdy pair of walking shoes. You can walk to many of the Gold Coast’s fantastic eateries, boutiques, and nightlife hotspots.
  •  Don’t be afraid to try new things with your appearance. On the Gold Coast, a simple outfit like an oversized T-shirt and denim shorts may turn heads just as easily as something more understated like a peasant skirt and sandals.

The Best Chicago Gold Coast Nightlife

The Gold Coast boasts tremendous nightlife since Chicago is known for its nightlife! These are the best Gold Coast nightlife experiences for formal events or fun in the city.

Club LaViolette:  Chicago’s most gorgeous and exclusive club provides a unique night out. Club LaViolette is ideal for special gatherings and dancing with its outside garden and spectacular views of downtown Chicago.

The Ritz-Carlton: Chicago’s most opulent hotel provides award-winning nightlife. Over 50 bars and eateries provide something for everyone. The Ritz-Carlton boasts elegant martini bars and bustling nightclubs for a great night out.

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