Travelling Tips for Chicago warnings Dangers stay Safe

Chicago is the third largest city in th United States and a popular destination for US and other travelers. The main reason for traveling is its culture which has become the center of attraction for tourists but is regarded as one of the most dangerous cities in America. Chicago is a safe spot for tourist travel. But the city is also famous for its high crime rate, which is high in its surrounding areas. The most famous areas for crime are South and West Chicago, as these areas are life-threatening for the people who visit Chicago.

Chicago hazards and Cautions

It is commonly known that Chicago experiences violence. However, as most crime occurs in a few select neighborhoods, as long as you exercise caution, you should be okay.

The south side of Chicago is a bad neighborhood because it is largely where the city’s violence originates. Despite the fact that this is a very disadvantaged town, drug or gang-related violence predominates. Apart from a couple of tiny, hole-in-the-wall eateries you might want to check out for lunch; there are no tourist attractions in this part of town.

The Chicago White Sox is on the south side, but the el stops outside the stadium, so you won’t have to park there or stay around after dark. You’ll also travel in a big group with other fans leaving the stadium.

In Chicago, use Common sense

Most of Chicago’s tourist attractions are downtown, off the Miracle Mile. There are several restaurants, bars, and clubs in this tourist-friendly region. You must use common sense if you travel outside this area; avoid going alone at night and stick to well-lit pathways. If you approach it wisely, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Potential dangers on Public transport

The Chicago El is a fantastic transportation option. You can get off at the train station and travel to O’Hare or Midway airports in Chicago. Although it is a secure method of transportation, use caution nonetheless. Watch out when driving through the southern suburbs at night or when it’s dark.

When you decide to book a ride in Chicago, try to book a ride through some apps such as Uber or Lyft, as their drivers get monitored for customer safety, and you can also rate the drivers for other passengers’ safety and security. 

Other travel restrictions in Chicago which are advice are that 

  • Always keep your belongings with you because a large number of theft are roaming around the city. They come and snatch your valuable things.
  • Never wear expensive gold and diamond jewelry; the more conspicuous you look, the more easily you will get targeted.
  • Be careful when using the atm in public places. So the best to escape from the robbery is to use the atm in malls where there is less chance of any kind of robbery 
  • Not walking alone in unfamiliar areas, especially in the middle of the night
  • Avoid using illicit substances; while marijuana may be legal, nothing else is. These days, fentanyl is also a major problem in US cities, so it’s advisable to avoid them.
  • Avoid walking around with open alcohol—it’s illegal, though Millennium Park and some other locations are exceptions—and pay attention to what other people are doing nearby.

Beggars and Scammers in Chicago 

Scammers can be found close to popular tourist spots such as Filed Museum. If someone outside the facility has any advice for you, try to use them as a resource rather than paying attention to them. These people are con artists; anyone authorized to conduct tours will be present. You’ll do better to ignore beggars regarding how to treat them. Once you make eye contact and give them any kind of response, they may very well keep following you. Although it may seem strange to ignore someone speaking to you directly, in a city of 3 million people, beggars are accustomed to it.

Brutal Crime

The violent crime rate in Chicago is 164% higher than the US average. The murder rate is four times higher than the national average, and there are also more violent crimes per capita than in the typical other city.

Sadly, I believe you’ll be more than happy with all the amazing museums, lakeside beaches, and culinary highlights these places offer!

The abundance of museums will delight art and history buffs, while outdoor adventurers will appreciate how simple it is to reach beaches and peaceful locations outside the city.

Yes, Chicago has a reputation for being dangerous, but it’s unlikely that you’ll experience it directly.

So on preparing your trip and have the time of your life. Pizza in a deep dish is ready!

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