Explore everything about reusing Cinnamon Sticks

Our kitchen is filled with spices used daily. Cinnamon sticks are one of them and have countless health benefits besides their warm and scented aroma. If you want to add these spicy sticks to your drink to boost metabolism or other food, don’t waste them. You might wonder what to do with them. I wanted to let you know that these can be reused several times to add flavor. Yes. You got it right. Amazingly, there is an opportunity to reprocess it with numerous methods to explore taste diversity.

Indulge in different ways to Preserve

Once you have used them, remove them from the porridge. Drench them in boiling water and agitate frequently to dissolve their taste. Keep them aside until they dry. Store them in an airtight canister with fresh pieces to add taste to the meal.

Tip: “Never toss the preceding piece, use it differently like soaking in oil or vinegar creates appetizing edibles”.

The common method is to boil them in whiskey or wassail. Boiling temperature is a must. After boiling, four to five times utilization is possible. Due to its intense aroma, hardly one piece is utilized for drinks or food.

Tip: “Break it into pieces and take the necessary chunk of stick for boiling”

Immersing them in water or tea is the easiest method. You must dip its piece in a cup of tea or jar of water for several hours until it sits over the top. This liquid then incorporates its specific smell.

Tip: “Aforementioned method perfectly toils for scenting the ambience”.

Appraise the gains of Reprocessing them

For sure, buying new sticks constantly will put a burden on your pocket. So, adding taste by using them several times is cost-effective. With a bit of effort, you can enjoy their unique essence without having to spend a lot of money. Most importantly, it is no hassle to travel outside to purchase them repeatedly. Single-time use is not justified by their wide usage. Reprocess them for repetitive use.

Reusing them allows you to dive into an entire world of aromas that might seem impossible. Exposure to new tastes depends on how they are reprocessed. Not only is it eco-friendly and economical, but it’s also a great way to minimize waste. You can reduce the amount of debris sent to the disposal area, which is increased by putting them aside after one use.

Among the Best ways to Deal with used Pieces

It would be amazing to know that you can utilize old pieces in different dishes. Are you addicted to coffee or tea in the morning? If yes, aromatize it with this commodity. Unlike disposable stirrers, adding the used ones turns them into eco-friendly by reducing waste and enhancing taste.

Tip: “The previously used sticks should be completely dried up for later use”.

Crushing the old pieces via a shredder is another effective way for fragrant ambience.

Tip: “Way described above works if grind them before releasing their taste with stirring”.

Deliciously preserved them. If you are making beef or chicken pots, simply add a chunk of them (previously used). Enriched broth with delicious taste and aroma will be prepared.

Relish your taste buds with delectable oatmeal after wearing old cinnamon sticks. Before adding oats, boil one piece and two cups of water at a high temperature. After that, turn the flame to medium and add the oats. Let it cook for five minutes. To thicken the oatmeal consistency, pour the above ingredients into a cup of milk, and then let it to cook for five minutes. Remove the cinnamon before serving and enjoy your meal.

Best Storage Temperature

Simply preserve them in a dry, airtight jar for later use once you have achieved the desired flavor. But here is a question to ask: at what temperature can they be stored for longer? Room temperature extends its storage life for 3 to 4 years. As everyone knows the value of cinnamon, its use in spice dishes is significant.

Tips: “Avoid contact with moisture and keep them away from moist places like refrigerators”.

“Don’t expose them to air, and keep them in a gas-tight canister or plastic zip-top pouch”.

“Make sure the jar’s cover is properly fitted, and moisture or air is not coming inside”.


Cinnamon sticks add flavor to spicy and sweet dishes. Their storage life can be extended for some years if stored in a compact jar at room temperature. Consider using them repeatedly to enhance the taste of routine life meals like meat broth.

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